Integrated Campaign Engineering™

In business, you can’t afford to work by trial and error. That would create massive inefficiencies, miserable customers and bottom line failure. The same is true of your marketing efforts. 

But many organizations lack the internal resources, or reliable, cost effective partners to plan, design, execute and assess their campaign efforts for maximum impact. That’s why we created Integrated Campaign Engineering.

When you partner with RAIN, you will gain access to our entire team, experience and best practices. Our approach to develop your unique story and customized campaign follows these steps: 

Comprehensive expertise for real results

From blueprint to buildout to execution to assessment, our Integrated Campaign Engineering provides the comprehensive expertise needed to drive real results in the marketplace. ICE is ideal for:

  • retention, acquisition and awareness campaigns
  • successfully launching a new company or product
  • reaching and exceeding goals for qualified new leads
  • efficiently converting existing leads into customers
  • innovating in an existing market that is change averse
  • cross-selling between divisions
  • brand and reputation management
  • building loyalty with existing customers
  • leveraging customer feedback for better alignment
  • Increasing return on your marketing investment
  • Optimizing market positioning and messaging strategy
  • Have marketing systems in place but lack effective content
  • Lack sufficient marketing resources to support sales

How We Do It


This is the blueprint stage in which we identify your unique value proposition, survey the competitive landscape, define your audiences and dial in your message for ultra-high relevance that moves people to take action. This also includes selecting the delivery mechanisms that promise the greatest ROI.


We then apply this messaging strategy to develop highly compelling custom content, crafting the right message, at the right time, to the right person, delivered in the right way. This can include online, hardcopy, social media, and other platforms as defined by our strategy.


Integrated Campaign Engineering is a proven results-oriented methodology you can utilize to boost your marketing initiatives in order to generate greater bottom line growth. And we have the results to prove it. See what we’ve done for other clients.

On Going Assessment

We review campaigns in progress to continue to dial them in for maximum impact and bottom line results. Additionally we implement A/B testing for best results and conversions. 

Cost Expectations

Each campaign is fully customized, and is typically planned for either 6 months or 12 months. Cost varies based on the elements involved, but ranges from approximately $4000 — $10,000/month.

Time Expectations

We follow a streamlined process which typically gets campaigns up and running within 60 days, so that our clients can begin to benefit sooner rather than later.

ICE in Action

Success with ICE

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