Samson Rope Technologies – Mining

Samson Rope is the oldest manufacturer fo rope in the world, headquartered in Washington State, they are innovators in the design and manufacturing of new and complex synthetic rope solutions. They had developed a product that addressed some needs in the mining industry specific to replacing steel wire cable. Their new entry product was focused on replacing steel cable tow lines with a new synthetic line that was lighter, stronger and easier to maintain in the harsh environment of mining. We were tasked with developing the strategy and materials to help introduce this product and help educate and convince the industry it was time to consider making a change. Change is not always welcomed or easy.

The Campaign consisted of email and print advertising, featuring custom on-location video production of the product being used and tested. As well as the design and development of product specific infographics and case studies. 

Here are some of the campaign elements.

Samson Mining Ads

Samson Timeline Infographics

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